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JB Angora's & More
Jim and Bev Baehm
Goldendale, WA 98620
Angora goats and hand made angora fiber goods- hats, sweaters, scarves,ornaments, decorative, holiday. Raw fiber, spun fiber, spinning, crocheting, knitting 

Beautiful angora bucks for sale
Bandit - color genetics
Zorro - proven buck, excellent disposition.
Gourmet CSA mountain raised meats- Beef, Rose Veal, Poulet Rouge Fermiere, Turkey, Chevon

Hey 4H kids and parents! Consider one of our fine local Goat breeders for supplying your 4H goat project in 2017!

Half Creek Farm
Mary Wilson and Lorena Wasson
​Every year we have several animals born who have a penchant for friendly behavior and a great bonding with people.  These animals make excellent cart and pack goats and are quite easy to train.  If you are considering adding a cart or pack goat to your family give us a call and we'll talk.

Angora baby buckling, Onyx
Registered New Zealand Kiko Buck.  
MEW Uriah Heap
DOB: 2/27/13
Bloodlines include HKF Conan and Goliath
We've used him for several seasons and  have another buck moving into position.  Young and healthy, this buck will still be young when you're ready to pass him on.  Very easy to handle, leads well.

(would trade for 3 tons of good hay delivered when you pick him up)
Half Creek Farm offers whole or cut young, pasture raised goat and lamb.  We raise Kiko meat goats, a healthy choice for goat meat lovers as they are parasite resistant, requiring significantly less medications to keep them very healthy, thereby reducing to nothing the residue in your meats. 
    Young goats are $150 and we deliver to your local processor (you pay cut and wrap)  or $250 and we take care of everything and pick it up for you. 
   Our lamb are Gotlands, a rare breed that produces a remarkably tender meat with a delicate flavor.  I think you'll find the meat superior to any you've tasted.  
​Whole lamb is $150 delivered to your local processor (you pay cut/wrap) or 
                     $250 and we take care of cut and wrap and pick it up for you.
We have some beautiful Gotland yarns for sale, spun from our own flock, this is some really fun yarn to work with.  No artificial dye's, its all natural color. 
$15-$20. Skeins run from 90-150 yards.  
We raise ADGA registered Alpine dairy goats from the top bloodlines in the nation. With milk production, health, and conformation our top breeding goals, you can't go wrong at Pudasjarvi Dairy Goats. We are now taking free reservations for 2017 kids-check out our link for more information.