Columbia Basin Goat Guild
Welcome to the Columbia Basin Goat Guild -

We are a not for profit group of diverse individuals with a common interest in goats of which the breeds and uses are as diverse as the people that own and care for them.

Our members work together to share goat related health information, marketing information and event information. We also cooperatively make purchases of seed, supplies and feed.
Our yearly dues are $15. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 2p.m. at the Golden Coyote Coffee in Goldendale Washington. Please feel free to attend any meeting and see if you might enjoy joining us.

Fiber Goats - Pack Goats - Pet Goats - Meat Goats - Dairy Goats

CBGG Officers

President - Mary Wilson
Vice President - Lorena Wasson
Secretary - Suzette
Treasurer - Beverly Baehm
CBGG's Goat Winter Classes 2013-2014 
information at bottom and on our Events page!!
Academy hay ride 2012
Hooking up a goat for the goat cart race at one of our annual Goat Academys
Cheese making Class at a Goat Academy
Students shearing at one of our Goat Academys
Fecal Class at a Goat Academy
Buck Fainting Goat
                 NOVEMBER 12
    Nutrition and the Fodder System
This class will cover general goat nutrition for the first portion, and then, a farmer currently using a fodder system she and her husband designed, will explain the workings, production and design of a system.
                   DECEMBER 10
Soap and Cheese Making for Great Gifts
Learn to make soap from simple to obtain ingredients.  Simple soap moulds will be for sale at this class.  Then, learn how to make soft cheeses for your family and friends!  Fun class for all and in time for Christmas!
                 JANUARY 14
             Farm Economics
Learn how to streamline costs, improve and diversify your  farm income and increase your bottom line.  Strategies and techniques along with principles you may overlook combine to make this an excellent class for everyone just going into spring production and planning.
                    FEBRUARY 11
Developing a Web Presence for you Farm
This class will explain the details and steps to take when developing a web presence for your farm.  Bring your laptops with you and you will even be able to begin the process by the time you're through.  Learn how to promote your farm business via the web.
                                                MARCH 11
                                         Working with Fiber
This class will have a video presentation explaining the shearing of Angora goats, followed by a HANDS ON  session covering sorting, cleaning, carding, and spinning of fleece.  There will be fiber, and tools available for a HANDS ON class.  You will be shown how to felt, spin, card, etc.
Join us for one or all of the classes.  Each session will last approximately 4 hours,  the sessions are $10.00 per person or sign up for all 5 and get the series for $45.00, OR become a member for $15.00 and attend the classes for only $5.00 per session.  All sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and end near noon.  Food and coffee are available for purchase.
Classes will be held in the lower meeting room of the Coyote Coffee Shop at 120 West Main in  Goldendale, WA.  Class size is limited to 25 due to the size of the meeting room, so register for the classes you want soon by sending your payment for each class to Columbia Basin Goat Guild, c/o Beverly Baehm, 26 Baehm's Way, Goldendale, WA 98620.  For more information call Mary Wilson at 509-261-1991 or Beverly at 509-261-0069
These classes are not geared to just Goat Farmers but are useful to all small farms.